My goal is to create Fine Art Photography that captures the natural and the historical landscape.

In place of a personal tour (which I would do in an ideal world!), my photographs share with you the places I love and that mean most to me—above all, the Hudson Valley and Catskills where I live, New England which brings me back to my affinity with the coast, and Sweden, where I lived for several years and where I first picked up a “serious” camera.

As a trained historian, one of my great passions is to photograph old buildings. Whether abandoned ruins or still in use—frequently “repurposed” from their original function – they are part of the human story, and my work is to “tell history” through them. Some of my pictures are “environmental” images showing the structure in its natural surroundings; other times I shoot in close to capture the detail, perhaps an architectural feature or the patterns of peeling paint. In all cases, my artistic interpretations respect the unique characteristics of the subject as I avoid any approach that draws attention to technique for its own sake.

My artistic inspirations include the 19th-century Hudson River Painters, especially Thomas Cole and Asher B. Durand—Durand for his meticulous fidelity to his subject and Cole for his use of his art to convey a message. Among photographers who inspire me are Galen Rowell, Robert Glenn Ketchum, and William Neill.

Along with my color images I am developing a collection of “modern vintage” photographs in monochrome. Ansel Adams, above all, has opened up for me the amazing possibilities of monochrome work.